myAbakus easy bookkeeping and accounting software for small businesses

Easy bookkeeping and accounting software for small businesses

myAbakus is simple and easy to use accounting software designed to help those who view accounting more as a management tool than a fiscal obligation and want reliable and up-to-date financial information, with the daily management and control of their businesses. It is designed for any person, group or company interested in keeping its accounts in order and up-to-date: entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, non-profits. Users of our small business online accounting software around the world are in professional services, retail, manufacturing, or simply want to keep track of personal expenses. It is online, so multiple users can access from anywhere in the world, keeping accounts up to date and the business running.

With myAbakus you can do: Billing: Create and customize your invoices with your company's logo, print them, or email them directly to your customers. Cash control: Make sure everything has been accounted by keeping your cash accounts up to date and reconciled. Inventory control: Maintain system and real quantities synced, know when to reorder, and see profit by products. Accounts receivable: Keep your sales and payment collection data up to date. Cash flow management: Stay ahead of the game and avoid nasty surprises by entering pending collections and payments, as well as recurring expenses. Business management: Once you understand and measure your business's performance, you can set goals, take actions, and evaluate results.

myAbakus is very easy to use and so allows for a quick start on the bookkeping needs. Small businesses need to start getting their invoices out right away and entering their expenses fast. MyAbakus let's you start right away with these urgent tasks and then you can do proper accounting later. myAbakus has inventory control and management, which some competitors do not offer, and therefore offers a complete solution to small businesses who keep stock and need to manage it.

myAbakus is meant for small businesses, freelancers and other individuals who need an easy and flexible bookkeeping solution, which can let them keep track of sales, expenses, inventory in an easy and fast way, online and accesible from anywhere.


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